Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pothwari stage drama in Kallar Syedan

Pothwari Nadia Khan fights it out over her show in Dubai

Nadia Khan Show Banned by Dubai Govt behalf of Court order. Nadia Khan a popular host , was doing Morning show on GEO TV according to reports.
Sources said that Nadia has telecast Noor & her Husband Fight before her interview. Her Husband claimed in Court that " It was our Family matter " So Court gave order to ban her show in Dubai for six months.
NKS showed recording of Noor and her husband fight on YouTube which causes a great loss to NKS

New Pothwari telefilm "Sangthaan" to be released soon

Bradford, UK - The new Pothwari telefilm Sangthaan has been shot in various parts of Pothwar including Dhuangalli, Kallar Syedan and Gujar Khan areas. The telefim is currently is stages of being edited and will be available for UK channel in new year. The film is produced by Waqar Babar Mughal, Mohammad Idris Ghaur Ghashtavi (Bradford) and Mohammad Shahid of Manchester.

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